Two fonts; American Sans and American Sans Poster alternative characters, accents, numerals and punctuation.

During a trip to the US in 1976, I saw a lot of round topped capital "A"s. Hadn't seen anything quite like them at home so, decided to try them for myself. Ended up with a very useful face; animated, chunky and uses suprisingly little length for so bold a face.

Good for applying blended shade treatment. (More accurately, blended blocking and counter-shadow).
Countering was one of the few occasions I saw drop shadow (as opposed to shading) used before vinyl plotters came on the scene.

LHF American Sans name logo
LHF American Sans. Sentinal sign display
LHF American Sans. ZE blended shade
Recreation of A Cecil Wade design using LHF American Sans Poster.
LHF American Sans. The Aylesbury Landscape Co.

Shennington Hotel London written in American Sans Poster

Menu. LHF American Sans and LHF Chesham Sans
LHF American Sans, LHF Chesham Sans & LHF Tideway Script