STRATFORD might be described as a Blackletter or Old English face but is rather more calligraphic than most. Includes two fonts

OPENING NIGHT A versatile semi-casual face in the style of period showcard, ticket and poster lettering. Three fonts.

HINDLEWOOD Although this face is condensed to almost textura proportions, I hope it is a little more legible. Six font suite.

AMERICAN SANS A bold, strong, condensed face I started to use having seen something similar on race cars and signs around the American Mid-West, during the seventies. Two fonts, Regular and Poster.

CHESHAM SANS Every signwriter has their own block lettering, this is mine. Four fonts; Light, Regular, Bold and Slim.

ESSENDINE a personal interpretation of the beautiful lettering carved in the base of the Trajan column to commemorate the Emperor Trajan's battle honours. Two fonts; Small Caps and Lowercase.

As mentioned, I have digitised a number of the brush-written lettering styles that appear in the SIGNS portfolio. These are being made into computer fonts and are, or will be, available from:

Fonts logo LHF Openning Night Regular

CINCINNATI POSTER Timeless poster one-stroke. Developed from Alf Becker plate published in an old Signs of the Times magazine. Two fonts; Smooth and Overstroke.

WADE GROTESQUE A Roman based grotesque inspired by the work of Cecil Wade. This type of lettering was used for headlines on showcards and posters from the twenties onwards. Includes six fonts.

TALLINGTON is a stylised version of gas-pipe lettering; the trusty old stalwart of many a signwriter. Includes two fonts; Traditional and Modern.

STEVENS PERCEPTA Very much after Mike Stevens sans serif Roman style which was very much after the "Optima" typeface. Six fonts; includes five weights and a modified version.

SPEEDSTYLE A friendly, casual semi-script. Five fonts; Speedstyle and a variant: Speedstyle 2, with bold versions of each . Also an extra bold version.

TIDEWAY, a fifties style connected script. Includes three fonts; Regular, Casual and Classic

RED SABLE a casual script, Three fonts.Two versions; Red Sable Classic and casual and a third font of ready made words with modifications.

When producing lettering, signwriters do not suffer many of the constraints placed on type-designers. Generally, sign fonts are more animated, have fewer points or nodes and should look clean and smooth at large and very large sizes.


WADE DYNAMIC, a casual bold sans inspired by the work of Cecil Wade. A classic, friendly display face. Perfect for fascias and headlines on showcards and posters and general advertising. Single font.

FLASH SCRIPT, a medium weight casual script inspired by the work of Cecil Wade. Useful on any script project except really formal applications. Includes two fonts; different capital/lowercase height ratio.