Flash Sable is a very useful medium weight brush script. The caps are developed from the B and P of the Beauty Parlour plate by Cecil Wade, However the verve of the original lowercase could not be maintained with all the constraints necessary to make a working font .


Two fonts: Flash Script has tall caps and can be used where height is not an issue. Flash Script 2 employs more conventional  caps to lowercase proportions and is useful in applications where headroom is restricted.



Harvest bread. LHF Flash Script and Wade Dynamic
Beauty Parlour, LHF Flash Script
Beauty Parlour open outline LHF Flash Script
LHF Flash Script and LHF Flash Script 2

Flash Script

Flash Script 2

Spice Islands. LHF Flash Script
LHF Flash Script. Fusion
LHF Flash Script. Fusion technology
Lineart Neon; LHF Flash Script and wade Dynamic
Italian: LHF Flash Script. Delicatessen: LHF Chesham Sans