Born out of expediency, Hindlewood was the result of a customer's wish for his house name to be gilded in Old English and his supply of a rather wonderful slice of oak that was barely wide enough to accommodate it.
I sketched a few guides and was rather alarmed at how much I would need to condense the lettering. However, once I started painting, it seemed to come together pretty well. With very little encouragement I was tempted to develop the new fledgling letters into a fully grown face, and Hindlewood is the result.

Hindlewood comprises six fonts: Three varieties of ornamentation, Soft, Hard and Sans; each with Grotesque and Regular variants.

A word can be given quite a different feel by the use of some alternative characters.

Photo Hindlewood Old English lettering
Hindlewood numerals
Hindlewood Soft Grotesque Old English lettering, Lymphad and sig.
Hindlewood Old English lettering, Antiques
Hindlewood Sans regular (blue) and Hindlewood alt grotesque.
Hindlewood Soft regular andGrotesque Old English lettering, Coffee Cake Continental.
Hindlewood Hard/ Soft and Chesham Sans