At one time it was required that all (UK) commercial vehicles should display the operators name, unladen weight and contact details, in small lettering, low down on the nearside. Generally known as legal writing, the lettering was usually condensed, to fit on a mudguard or cramped quarter panel, and quick to write, to keep down expenses.
My first efforts were rather stiff 'matchstick' letterforms but later developed a bit of 'swing'. Much later I needed something lively and casual for children's names on a glass-painting project, and with further modifications and some refinements in the style of the great Cecil Wade, this semi-script was developed.


Five fonts in the set:  Speedstyle and Speedstyle 2. Speedstyle Bold and Speedstyle 2 Bold. Speedstyle Extra Bold


Speedstyle font with alternative lowercase i
Speedstyle Bold
Speedstyle + Bold
Speedstyle 'open' logo
Greasy Spoon Cafe Menu. Speedstyle
Jeanne x3 Speedstyle
Speedstyle Logo
Regis Development  Speedstyle Bold and Stevens Percepta
Naughtycal Enterprises; Don't flounder in our wash!  Speedstyle font
Speedstyle Extra Bold
Speedstyle Extra Bold and Stevens Percepta Light
Speedstlyle Extra Bold
LHF Speedstyle and LHF Wade Dynamic. Sudsy Soap