A flowing brush script with a fifties feel. Most letters connect naturally or look fine without connectors but there are two optional starting/joining strokes mapped to the left and right square bracket keys. They are spaced to interact well with an appropriate letter or pair.


Tideway comprises two fonts, regular and Classic, and has alternative characters, numerals and punctuation.

Sign by Mark Yearwood

Tideway script
Starting and linking strokes for Tideway script
Sign for Dave Carr Quality Built Homes, designed and manufactured by Mark Yearwood

Design courtesy of Jill Welsh

Sign by Suelynn Sedor • Design by Stevo Chartrand

Tideway Script and Chesham Sans by Jill Walsh
Tea House: Tideway Classic Script. Other lettering: Essendine
Tideway Classic script, Linnies Sign Design by Stevo's Design
Tideway Script and Chesham Sans

Design courtesy of Stevo Chartrand

Naming a font can be as difficult as creating one . . . but not in this case. I often spend the summers
working on the River Thames so the word is both familiar and significant to me. Hinting of adventure and
suggestive of so many things; a stepping-off point for ocean journeys and a safe haven for returning crews,
a great waterway running through London and indeed the reason for London's existence. Thanks to
Bazalgettes great works and later improvements, the Tideway is now a clean and healthy highway to the
sea. The final leg of the journey from the heart of the English countryside and the gateway to rest of the