A Roman based grotesque inspired by the work of Cecil Wade. This type of lettering was occasionally used for bold body text but, mainly for headlines on showcards and posters from the twenties onwards. Although not typically Art Deco itself, these curvacious styles were often used to counterpoint and animate the more angular designs of the period.


Six fonts, all include alternative characters, accents, numerals and punctuation and accent characters.

Carter's = Opening Night font; Auto = Wade Grotesque font; Service = Sarah Script font by Chuck Borges Letterhead Fonts
LHF Wade Grotesque
LHF Wade Grotesque Casual Swash.
White Rabbit: Wade Grotesque. Tea Company: Opening Night Regular
LHF Wade Grotesque. Suggestion for a narrow cabin.


Jeff Lang of Olde Lang Sign uses Wade Grotesque to recapture the flavour of old time showcards.

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LHF Wade Grotesque. Shop number for a fish resaurant in Marlow
LHF Wade Grotesque Casual Swash. Suggestion for a hotel-boat name